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Xizi United is a company based on equipment manufacturing Integrated enterprise group.

Headquarters location

Located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, number of employees exceeds 10,000.

Industrial field

Industry covers elevators, steel structures, boilers, aviation, real estate, financial investments, etc.

XIZI United is a comprehensive enterprise group that focuses on equipment manufacturing and cross-industry operations.The company is headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and its industries cover elevators and elevator components, boilers, aviation, three-dimensional parking garages, cranes, steel structures, real estate, commerce, agriculture, investment and many other fields.It is one of the top 500 enterprises in China and has nearly 10,000 employees.In 2017, the Group's performance reached a new high, with operating income of 26.9 billion yuan.

XIZI United adheres to the business philosophy of "cooperation is more important than competition" and follows the development strategy of research and development, manufacturing and service, and forge ahead.In the energy-saving elevators, elevator components, three-dimensional garage, waste heat boiler business has achieved great results.Adhere to the innovative practices of core technology research and development and energy conservation and emission reduction,XIZI United has a number of independent technology research and development centers.Successfully developed a highly efficient and energy-saving permanent magnet synchronous gearless elevator main engine, and obtained relevant qualifications for key aviation parts manufacturing.To lay the foundation for expanding aviation business, and to lead the formulation and application of domestic waste heat boiler technical standards, and successfully realize the comprehensive application of energy-saving building technology in Xizi United Building.

In 2007, XIZI United issued a report on the social responsibility of private enterprises.Clearly propose the five social responsibilities of sustainable development, integrity and governance, health and safety, charity and environmental protection.Also called on all employees to contribute to the country's prosperity, social harmony and corporate health.

In the future, Xizi United will continue to uphold integrity, cooperation and enterprising spirit, and bring together resources and growth forces.Key technologies for continuous innovation and industrial development and strategic development model,strive to create century XIZI, and promote the sustainable development of society!

XIZI Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China's top 500 enterprises, Xizi United Holdings (Xizi United, XIZI UHC). It was founded in 1998 with a registered capital of 150 million yuan,located at 3KM north of Hangzhou Xiasha Higher Education Park and is affiliated to Haining High-tech Industrial Park.The company covers an area of 500 acres and has the world's largest load 40T freight elevator test tower. Nearly 1,000 employees, including technical and quality personnel accounted for more than 17%.

XIZI Heavy Industry Escalator has a wide product line, including freight elevators, passenger elevators and their accessories (including control cabinets, accessory boxes, rail brackets, counterweights, straight beams, car bottom boxes, etc.); escalators, sidewalks and accessories (including Truss, truss fittings, escalator side panels, main drive, control system, etc.), add elevator to existing building, steel structure, etc.Has double "A" qualification for elevator manufacturing and installation and transformation. The steel structure has the qualification qualification of national steel structure professional contracting first-class qualification, steel structure B-level special design qualification, construction engineering construction general contracting and so on.And obtained the European EN1090 certification (the first in the industry), ISO3834 international welding system certification, CWB certification (Canadian welding certification).

XIZI Heavy Industry adheres to the principle of refinement bigger strong.Has successively won the honorary titles of “High-tech Enterprise”, “Zhejiang Enterprise Technology Center” and “Jiaxing City Equipment Manufacturing Leading Enterprise”.In the future, Xizi Heavy Industry will be committed to building a world-class professional manufacturing base for electric ladders and their accessories.Constant pursuit of excellence, let Xizi Heavy Industry become the preferred supplier of customers.

Brand Culture

Company values

Cooperation:Active cooperation, initiative sharing, equality and mutual benefit, and common growth.
Open:Open mind, inclusive, multi-integration, learning communication.
Responsibility:Honest and trustworthy, dedication, respect for the rules, and courage to take responsibility.
Innovation:Forge ahead, reinvent the past, embrace change, and create value.
cautious:Careful, efficient and pragmatic, the pursuit of perfection.

Xizi Mission:Create value for customers, integrate resources for the industry, and improve the living environment for mankind.

Xizi Vision:Become a strategic partner of global outstanding elevator brands and a leader in the field of green energy-saving buildings.

Core values:Customer-centric, struggling-oriented, adhere to lean manufacturing, continuous technological innovation


"Cooperation is more important than competition" is the core concept and business wisdom of Xizi United.Over the years, we have unswervingly pursued a development path of cooperation and win-win, and carried out all-round multi-form joint ventures and cooperation with many excellent partners, learning in cooperation, improving in cooperation, pursuing long-term development and mutual benefit.We believe that through the combination of wisdom and teamwork, we will help us achieve complementary advantages and realize the grand blueprint of “CENTURY XIZI, WORLD XIZI”.
Social responsibility concept

sustainable development:We are based on the long-term and adhere to the road of balanced development and harmonious promotion of environment, resources and company management.
Integrity and governance:We adhere to the principle of good faith, abide by the law, abide by the code of business ethics, adhere to the open and transparent management of the company, enhance the value of the company and shareholders, and assume the responsibility of serving the public.
Health and safety:We take health and safety issues as a starting point for development and protect our employees' personal safety and occupational health. We are committed to providing high quality products and services to ensure the safety and health of our customers.
Public welfare:We are full of gratitude, always adhere to the concept of returning to society, eager to participate in charitable causes, help disadvantaged groups, and dedication.
Environmental protection:We respect nature, produce green products, reduce waste and pollutant emissions, and assume responsibility for protecting the global environment through active environmental protection and restoration activities.



Xizi Heavy Industry was established


Three standard system certification


Star Enterprise for Industrial Economic Development


Top 10 Industrial Productivity


Haining new factory established


Modern Equipment Leading Enterprise in Jiaxing City


Top ten industrial investment enterprises

The market share of trusses is the first in the country


Haining Quality Award


Zhejiang Manufacturing Word Mark Certification

Provincial Technology Research and Development Center


Zhejiang Postdoctoral Workstation

Provide the world's longest truss (Badaling project)


Provide 30 tons of cargo elevator with the heaviest load


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