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From the little-known elevator parts factory, to the first listed company in China's elevator industry, to the top 10 global elevator manufacturers, Kangli Elevator Co., Ltd. located in Wujiang Wuhu High-tech Zone has achieved a rapid rise in 21 years. The Chinese strong voice in the world elevator industry pattern was played. Behind the high-quality development of Kangli, core technology and system capabilities have become the key words.

Adhere to the industry-leading research and development roads

On October 26th, 2017, Kangli’s 20th anniversary celebration, 10m/s ultra-high-speed elevator, 50m high-heavy traffic escalator, 5m/s high-speed sightseeing elevator and 20m unsupported escalator The new product was released in a concentrated manner, once again demonstrating Kangli's powerful R&D strength.

Technological innovation is the first engine of enterprise development. In the past 21 years, Kangli has adhered to the independent innovation spirit of time and time, and adhered to the road of combining production, study and research, and accumulated the fruits of product innovation step by step.

Time is back to April 2005, Kangli released three scientific and technological achievements such as sightseeing elevators and escalators. Among them, the 3 m / s high-speed elevator, 2 m / s sightseeing elevators are equipped with variable frequency variable voltage speed control technology, serial communication technology, permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction machine, car

It adopts noise reduction and vibration reduction treatment, featuring energy saving, environmental protection, stable operation, accurate leveling and convenient maintenance, and improves the comfort of riding. The escalator adopts high-efficiency double traction machine drive technology to raise the height to more than 10 meters. The truss does not have intermediate support, which effectively solves the problem that the escalator spans the expansion joint when the existing building has expansion joints.

Experts believe that these three scientific research results of Kangli are in a leading position among similar products in China. The relevant person in charge of the China Elevator Association said that the three scientific and technological achievements have further proved and enhanced the scientific and technological content and competitiveness of the Kangli brand, which proves the creative wisdom and originality of the Chinese national elevator.

The core components were later awarded 856 domestically authorized patents.

"Electrical core components, Kangli started relatively late, basically did not have the ability to design and produce PCBs before going public." Wang Youlin, chairman and general manager of Kangli Elevator, said that after years of development, Kangli Elevator has fully equipped core. The development of devices and the ability to manufacture in batches are very remarkable for the elevator manufacturers of domestic brands. Moreover, in terms of development capabilities, Kangli is even ahead of some domestic manufacturers of foreign brands.

Kangli Elevator takes independent innovation as the core, and takes the “production, study and research” cooperation development road. In 2003, it built the Kangli Elevator Enterprise Technology Center. In 2011, it was the first in the independent elevator brand to be awarded the “National Certified Enterprise Technology Center”. Joint technical research and talent training cooperation with the China Academy of Building Research Construction Mechanization Research Branch, Zhejiang University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Nanjing University of Technology.

Kangli has four elevator test towers at its headquarters and Chengdu and Zhongshan. The 288-meter test tower at the headquarters is the world's highest elevator test tower. It can test ultra-high-speed elevators of 21 m/s and has an elevated height. 50m high height escalator. Kangli Testing Center's testing equipment, instruments and testing methods are leading the industry.

In the past 8 years since its listing, Kangli's annual R&D investment accounted for more than 3% of its annual revenue. It has obtained 856 valid domestically authorized patents, including 62 inventions, 745 utility model patents, and 49 design patents; Pieces, of which 10 are granted in Russia and 4 in Indonesia. And has won the "National Construction Machinery and Elevator Industry Quality Gold Award" "Jiangsu Province Quality Award" "Suzhou Mayor Quality Award". In 2017, Kangli Elevator joined hands with leading companies such as Huawei and Gree to be selected as one of the “Top 1000 Enterprises in China's Innovation Capability”.

“Elevator Cloud” boosts intelligence to provide superior engineering solutions

In the field of global engineering, there is a "miracle" created by Kangli.

In 2014, the “Elevator World Engineering Award” was awarded. The Tianmenshan Sightseeing Tunnel Escalator Project undertaken by Kangli Elevator won the first prize of “Newly Installed Escalator” and created the world’s most sinister environment, the most difficult project, the most difficult construction, and the total The six escalators in the high-altitude mountain tunnel with the highest height, the longest running length and the most creative high-altitude mountain tunnels.

"Dare to be the first in the world." The Tianmenshan escalator embodies the wisdom and hard work of Kangli's design, production, hoisting and installation engineering team. It lasted more than three years of engineering construction, 20 super-high-altitude bus-type escalators with a height of 30 meters, and four 20-meter-high elevators. The high-altitude escalator was successfully installed and put into operation. With a delivery capacity of 6,000 passengers per hour and a passenger throughput of 72,000 passengers per day, the traffic volume of the scenic spot has increased by more than 50%.

At the same time, in the field of engineering services, Kangli Elevator took the lead in embarking on the road of intelligent transformation. In 2016, Kangli and Baidu established a comprehensive strategic partnership in the field of elevator Internet of Things and intelligent manufacturing, and built the “Kangli Smart Elevator Cloud”. At present, “Kangli Intelligent Elevator Cloud” has realized the installation and monitoring of over 10,000 sets of factory elevators. In the future, Kangli Elevator will continue to use Baidu Cloud's technological advantages in a series of artificial intelligence fields such as Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, voice recognition, and text recognition to comprehensively enhance innovation in enterprise management, product technology and service models.

Independent innovation, plugged the wings of Kangli Elevator and promoted Kangli into the top 10 elevator manufacturers worldwide. Wang Youlin said that next, Kangli will continue to increase investment in innovation and accelerate the pace of innovation. In the next three to five years, it will rank among the top 5 in the global elevator industry.


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