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The company has 7 truss production lines and started to use robot welding in 2013. At present, the escalator trusses produced by Xizi Heavy Industry, including commercial ladders, sidewalks, bus ladders, indoor, outdoor, square tube, angle steel and other full range of trusses, the market share. Since 2015, the company's truss production has increased year by year, and the growth rate in the past three years has remained above 10%, higher than the industry growth rate.

In 2017, the number of truss of Xizi Heavy Industry will break through the historical high, reaching 12,000 units, and will rush to more than 20,000 units in the future, accounting for 30% of the market. Among the existing products, the maximum lifting height of the truss is 35M, and the longest horizontal span is 150M.


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