Old building elevator will have "one-stop" service

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Since the beginning of this year, Guangzhou has ushered in a wave of old residential quarters, and Tianhe South has also become the first old-fashioned community to install a contiguous elevator installation. On May 26th, the Tianhe District Existing Residential Elevator Leading Group Office, Land Resources and Planning Bureau, Tianhe South Street Party Working Committee and Office jointly launched the “One-Stop Service to the Home” of the old building. . The reporter learned that Tianhe District is piloting a third-party platform to provide coordination opinions, provide design, and contact elevator companies for residents who need to install ladders. In the future, it is possible to realize the “one-stop” completion of elevator construction.

Adding an elevator must take into account the community landscape

At present, Tianhe District takes Tianhe South Yulei Community and Liuyun Community as pilots, and the district bureau of the State Council uniformly provides plans for the installation of elevators in old buildings.

Zhuang Zhiqiang, chief planner of the Tianhe District Land and Resources Planning Bureau, introduced the Tianhe South area as the first old community to install a contiguous elevator installation pilot. The Tianhe District National Planning Department will coordinate the preparation of the elevator plan to provide residents with reference and speed up the residents. On the other hand, through the planning and guidance, while promoting the installation of elevators, pay attention to maintaining the overall environment and urban landscape of the community. If the planned elevator will occlude the lower store, it must be unified by the other party to implement the installation.

In the obstacles encountered in the installation of elevators, many of them involve compensation problems. This phenomenon is particularly prominent in Tianhe South. Since the bottom floor is mostly a shop, it is not only disturbed by noise and flying dust during construction. After the installation is completed, the lighting of the shop may also be affected. In this regard, the district planning department also proposed to establish compensation standards for elevator installation.

Build a "third-party platform" to help negotiate errands

For the case of installing elevators “difficult to negotiate”, Tianhe District is building a third-party platform, and the planning department acts as a “harmony”. In the process of construction, in the event of negotiation difficulties, residents can report to the platform. The joint office of the street and district planning bureau will call the owners to open a coordination meeting and try to guide them in the form of cases.

In addition, Tianhe District plans to provide elevators to build a "one-stop" service. At present, the government departments that are required to run the elevators are relatively scattered, and there are many materials and procedures involved. It often takes more than half a year. Under the goal of guiding the old community into a piece of contiguous elevator installation, this activity takes the old building plus elevator "one-stop service to the doorstep" as the entry point, providing policy interpretation, solution consultation, elevator information and Pre-trial review, on-site guidance of the pilot community, installation of elevators and difficulties in registration and other services.

It is reported that Tianhe District has included the micro-reconstruction of the old community and the installation of elevators into 10 livelihoods in 2018, and issued the “Work Plan for Installation of Existing Residential Buildings in Tianhe District”, which provided financial support policies and established The Joint Review Mechanism also further issued 13 convenience measures to simplify the approval of information and procedures. On the basis of the Tianhe South pilot, the next step will be promoted in other mature streets or communities.


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