Looking for the power of the spirit︱Chen Xiaxin, President of Xizi United Holdings, delivered a 2018 New Year message

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Dear colleagues,

Looking back at Xizi, I have already passed 36 Spring and Autumn! Under the leadership of Wang Dong, Xizi has grown from a small elevator factory at Airport Road to a diversified enterprise with a national layout; our brand has also changed from a local small word of mouth to a big brand registered in 55 countries around the world.

We have the best in the country and even the world's first-class technology. We have a passionate team that is good at learning and dare to implement. What's more, we have formed a unique culture of cooperation, openness, tolerance and innovation! The gene of this memory is already like a seed, externalized in shape, internalized in the heart, rooted and blossomed, and passed on! Xizi can have today's development, especially in today's traditional economy, which is difficult to grow strongly. It still stands proud of the industry with a sales performance of 26.9 billion yuan. Without your painstaking efforts and dedication, it is impossible to achieve without your understanding and support. of!

New performance, new glory

This year's major sectors are also increasingly sophisticated, fruitful! Elevator components overcome the crisis of rising raw materials prices, and the performance remains stable! The New Theo plate has grown rapidly against the trend and has become the industry leader in national elevators! Xizi Smart Garage completed the shareholding system transformation and actively launched the listing! Hangpan continues to extend lean management, and its performance has reached a record high! The real estate team is constantly looking for new project growth points while doing the best for existing products! Finance continues to effectively prevent risks, and the top 100 will also have new managers to promote future development! In addition to feelings, I thanked all the management from the heart, that we have jointly created such a performance, such a legend, glory is everyone!

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Which time is not to rely on the cooperation of our team to face, which time is not solved by the wisdom of our team! Like-minded, trust each other, and then muddy and sweet, and then hard and happy! We have never retired, because we have to prove ourselves, to improve ourselves, and to be nirvana ourselves! There is only one choice before us: either outstanding or out! I feel very lucky to be able to go hand in hand with such a team.

New era, new opportunity

2018 is the first year of the implementation of the spirit of the 19th Party Congress. It is also the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The central government will adhere to the general tone of work for stability and progress, adhere to the new development concept, and advance in accordance with the requirements of high quality development. Changes. > If anti-corruption is the focus of central work in the past five years, economic reform will become a new focus in the next five years. The just-concluded "New Era" first central economic work conference clearly pointed out that monetary policy will continue to be tight, reform and opening up should be strengthened, and the economic system reform will be faster. Preventing systemic risks, ensuring poverty alleviation, and managing environmental pollution are the three most important tasks.

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From the above policy guidance, it can be seen that after the 19th National Congress, opportunities for speculation have decreased, and investment opportunities have increased. In the eight key tasks of the central government around high-quality development, such as cleaning up zombie enterprises, reforming state-owned enterprises, stabilizing private investment, one-on-one roads, opening up to the outside world, etc., we can all find opportunities for investment development. The new era of the new economy requires us to look for and find out with a higher vision. We must get rich from the hard work of the past, get rich by chance, and become richer by wisdom and become a strategy to get rich and get rich!

Enterprises must keep abreast of the future and must understand the market and pay attention to the market! The true decision-makers must constantly learn to continue to perceive to reduce the judgment of empiricism, and to understand the dynamics of the market in order to have a continuous "revisionism"! Now some companies have a strange circle in which decision makers don't understand the market and understand the market's managers and can't participate in decision-making. It is worthy of the attention and deep thought of all managers! We must avoid “path dependence” and eliminate the fear that there may be risks in taking a new road.

Enterprises must maintain a sustainable future, especially in the future of the ecology, the external must adhere to cooperation, the internal must insist on partnership. It is difficult for a large company to grow alone. It must cooperate from various upstream and downstream industries or related industries through various means to form a chain or a circle, and symbiosis and mutual prosperity!

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It is difficult to survive on your own, you must implement a partnership system, bring together teams with the same concept, encourage each other, and share the honor and shame! In the future, I will unswervingly push forward, create an atmosphere of entrepreneurial innovation within the company, encourage individuals to start businesses within the enterprise, practice various mechanisms of innovation, share benefits, and share risks. Really realize “gathering dreams and sharing growth”. The essence!

Enterprises must keep on moving forward in the future, and must continue to transform and upgrade! The traditional mode does not automatically exit, to crowd it out, change it, in order to find a new mode. First, we must do a good job in transforming and upgrading the industry. We are going to introduce a large number of automated intelligent production systems to create unmanned factories and black light factories, and move towards Industry 4.0! Focus on technological innovation and focus on quality leadership.

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Second, we must do a good job in transforming and upgrading talents. The former economy was the winner of the world, and the future economy must have won the world. The transformation and upgrading of enterprises is ultimately the transformation and upgrading of talents! We need to recognize both the hard work of the culture and the dare to dare to do it. Only in this way, our human resources must have the ability to accurately identify people in the field of hunting, and also have the skill of finely educating people. There must be Xiao Zhi’s intelligence to keep people in good faith! Third, we must do a good job in transforming and upgrading our knowledge. The future is the world of artificial intelligence. We must first understand what is real artificial intelligence, what artificial intelligence can be used for me, and what is the direction and trend of artificial intelligence. This requires us to always keep the enthusiasm and motivation of learning. As long as you don't keep up with the development of the trend, you will easily fall behind. Once you have been behind for a long time, you will be easily eliminated. This is why I have always praised the book club sharing session. At any time, we can't give up learning, give up progress, and develop the habit of learning and learning for life!

New cognition

We must clearly understand that we still have to stick to our main business and deepen our existing main business! The main business is the foundation for the development of the enterprise forever and the cornerstone of stability. Only when the main business is strong can we do not panic in the hands of the grain! The manufacturing industry should do a good job in the extension of the industrial chain, and make the cost, quality and service to the extreme; real estate should find a good project according to the strategic layout, and accurately introduce products that meet the needs of the people's better life; investment must guard against risks, and strive for stability. !

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We must also clearly understand that legality, innovation, teamwork, sharing, risk control and cash flow are the mainstream of corporate management. Managers must seek development at the first level, focus on strategy in one-handed risk, talk about process in the middle, and talk about craftsmen! The real change is in the competition, it is to do something, to give up, to sacrifice, to persist. Such managers are excellent, and such management is efficient, and such a company will be evergreen!

The future always brings us unlimited possibilities, everything is the best arrangement! On the way to warming our peers, we firmly believe that we can overcome all difficulties because we have the spirit and faith! On the way to go hand in hand, we firmly believe that the hope of the road ahead will always beckon to us, because we have the spirit and faith! Looking for the power of the spirit, seeking the support of faith, adhering to the inner strength, our pursuit of happiness and the pursuit of good cause will never be destroyed! My colleagues, firmly believe in the future! I believe in unrelenting efforts and believe in defeating young people who are in trouble! Believe that you can believe in the future, I believe that the future can see the future!

Here, I am deeply grateful to all of you for your hard work and dedication!

I sincerely wish you all good health, a prosperous career and a happy family!


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