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Escalator Pre-assembly(Package A/Package B/Package C)

Package A:Completion material 30% Truss system/Step track system/Drive system

Package A Advantage: 

  • 1、No need to invest in gantry tooling 

  • 2、Reduce assembly time, increase productivity and efficiency

  • 3、Reduce material management and improve supply chain quality and structure

Package B:Completion material 60% Package A/Driving machine/Control cabinet/ Handrail/Balustrade/lubrication

Package B Advantage:

  • 1、Solve two major sports systems (ladders/handrails) 

  • 2、Reduce human resource investment and reduce employment risks and costs

  • 3、Reduce assembly difficulty, optimize site and increase production capacity

Package C:Completion material 90% Package B/Stair chain/Stair/Front edge board/Apron board 

 Package C Advantage:

  • 1、Solve technical/manufacturing/process bottlenecks and inputs

  • 2、Create a visit to the workshop to show the manufacturing strength

  • 3、Provide an optimized cost structure


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